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  • 28 June 2022
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Can anyone help me understand the difference between Profile Updated and Last Active?

I realize that many times, the day/time stamp will be the same - if a subscriber opens an email, the Last Active and Profile Updated will both reflect the time the email was opened.
I’m wondering - is there any case where they could be different? For example, at our brick & mortar retail stores, employees can update a customer’s information using the list’s subscription landing page - and I thought perhaps this would be recorded as Profile Updated, but NOT Last Active.  However, in my own tests, this does not seem to be the case; both fields continue to be the same. This leads me to more questions:
1 - If Profile Updated and Last Active are always the same, why are both included in a subscriber’s profile?
2 - If they are not always the same, why can I export Last Active, but not Profile Updated?

Any information is appreciated! Thank you!


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3 replies

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Hey @JessFosnough 

I’m glad I was able to help! Thanks again for being part of the community, we truly appreciate you!

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Hi @stephen.trumble

Thank you for answering my question! I had searched for the answer previously, but for some reason did not find the information section of a profile that you included. This does help, thank you!

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Hey @JessFosnough 

Thank you so much for joining the Klaviyo Community, we are so happy to have you here! 


Thank you for asking about the information section of a profile. The "Last Active" property matches the time of the latest event on the Profile's timeline, while the "Profile Updated" property is the last time Klaviyo updated the Profile itself (i.e., Name changes, etc.). The reason you can export Last Active is because these are events that the customer took associated with their profile and all data related to the activity is recorded here. This data can then be used in many different features within Klaviyo, where Profile Updated is when Klaviyo updated the information, not necessarily when the action was taken by your customer (ie manual CSV uploads). Because this is based on when changes are recorded and does not include all of the data of the activity, there isn’t data to export. 

Hope this helps!