Recover Deleted List/Segment?

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I just accidentally deleted an important list or segment (not sure which type it was) and now my flow isn’t going to work. 

I created the list/segment a while back and don’t remember how to set it up.

It’s for people that opt in to my store footer and or are coming from Etsy for a coupon code. 

Is there a way to recover it or recreate it? 



Best answer by Dov 8 September 2021, 16:51

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Hello @Anishta,

Yes - I will send you a private message and we will get this taken care of.


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Hi all,

If you would like to recover an accidentally deleted list or segment, please reach out to support to assist with this task.

Thank you for being a member of our community!


Hi Caroline,

I did the same thing by accidentally deleting my list segment, can you restore it for us.  What’s the process?

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Hello @rude_makeup,

This is a task that needs to be handled by support at this time. I will follow-up with you in a private message so we can get this processed.

**EDIT: this has been completed =]

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Hi @AcornsAndTwigs,

We recommend not deleting lists or segments unless you are 100% sure you will not need them in the future because they are not recoverable from the customer-side UI. If you direct message me with the ID of the deleted list or the name of the list I can restore it for you.



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I had someone auditing my Klaviyo flows to help me and they deleted my entire Welcome Series. I am so distraught because my content developer wrote beautiful emails and they are all gone. Can someone help me restore the flow? I can see in the flow history when he deleted them. Thank you so much! 

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Hi @pocatkjm,

I’m sorry to hear that! Yes, I will send you a private message and we will get this sorted.


Hi DD & Coraline


I did the same stupid mistake:sob: . Please can you help me recover my list. It was connect to the sign up form i created and this form is live on my landing page and i have people signing up :(


Please please please :pray_tone3:

@caroline @dov.derin


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Amazing support in this forum! 
We need to restore a list that accidentally lost over 20000 subscribers yesterday due to integration to mailchimp which was still active even if we move to Klaviyo months ago… 
Would we really thankful for help here. Could you help us out here? 

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Hello @Anishta,

Yes - I will send you a private message and we will get this taken care of.


Hi Dov, I have done the same - accidentally deleted my list called “Newsletter”.  Are you able to please help me restore it? 


Thank you!

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Hi @Jess Pel,

Yes, please check your direct messages.


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Hello @nicklasdeneo,


Please check your private messages.