Segment or List for 2 different lead magnets with flows?

  • 4 December 2020
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I’m creating 2 different lead magnets. One is a pop up on my site that will offer a dollar amount off and the other will be a landing page (where the link will be posted on social or an ad) with an offer to our free resource library. The first emails for these welcome flows will differ as one will have a coupon code and the other will have a password to the resource library. Do I create 2 lists to trigger these flows or one list that is segmented to trigger each flow? If segmented, what qualifier would denote the trigger? What I don’t want is someone who opted in to the coupon to receive an email saying “here’s your password to our resource library” and vice versa. Could someone suggest the best way to set this up? Thanks.


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Hi @Marquita,

I would recommend setting this up so that each signup form is routing to a separate list.

If the purpose of the popup with the discount incentive is to get users to subscribe to receive email content from your brand, then I’d recommend having that form route to your main newsletter list. You can then trigger a welcome series off of this list. Any other signup forms that you may choose to introduce in the future (a popup upon exit intent or an embed form at the footer of your site) can also route to that same main mailing list as long as the language is clear to the user that when they sign up, they are subscribing to receive email content from your brand.

As for the free resource subscriber signup form, I’d recommend routing these contacts to a separate free resource library subscriber list. You can then trigger a separate flow off of people being added to this list. I would also recommend updating a profile property called ‘Free Resource Library Subscriber’ with the response, ‘Yes’ within the signup form. This way you can segment in the future based on people who have come in through this form (see example below). 


By routing these contacts to different lists, we can keep the communication specific to the purpose of each of the signup forms.

Hope this helps!


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@Marquita There’s a bunch of ways you could do this, so I’ll propose one and see if anyone else could recommend other approaches.

Assuming your Welcome Series is relatively the same set of emails except for the first incentive email (Coupon Code VS Password to Resource).  I would have your Popup and your Landing Page (embedded Form) both subscribe users to the same List but with different $source values.

Then in your Welcome Series Flow (Triggered by that List), I would set a Conditional Split based on the $source of the subscribers’ profile property so they get the appropriate email. 


If you’re using Klaviyo Signup Forms for your Popup and Embedded Signup (on Landing Page), then it’s super easy to set the $source value here:


Then in your Welcome Series, add the Conditional Split to branch the first email based on the Profile property $source:


As you can see in the flow diagram, if the subscriber comes in with different $source values, they will get a different first email (Coupon Code vs Password).  And then they both flow resume back to the same emails in the rest of your Welcome Series. 


Hope this helps!