Segment placed order over all time vs before/after a date

  • 11 December 2022
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I need some help. I do not understand why this first segment is smaller than two below. Shouldn't it be the sum of the two below? 
Isn’t over all time the sum of everything?



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2 replies

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Oh right, thanks! I get it now. Sometimes my logic messes up with me. Thank you so much, I totally get it now :) 

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I think when dealing with zero order the logic is different ie if you were to try a different logic to test;

a total order over all time

b orders after 21

c orders before 21


then in this a should = b+c


When you are looking at zero orders the same profile will have ordered zero before 21 and after 21..


I’m probably not explaining this very well but hope it helps.


Out of interest what was the purpose of creating these different segments?