Segment using start of product name or SKU

  • 5 August 2021
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Using segmenting, is it possible to build a segment that works off filtering part of the product name  or SKU? (where product name CONTAINS  “foo”) or (product name STARTS WITH “foo”). I can only see a filter for EQUALS in the segment filtering? Alternatively wildcards would work -are they available?


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3 replies

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I’ve followed your instructions exactly to create a segment, and unfortunately the definition consistently pulls through zero results. I’m aware of the case sensitivity etc. The term i’m using should pull through many results.

Any idea what I’m missing here? I’ve just been on support chat about this and the agent said this feature is only available within flows, which based on your post here should not be the case.

There are some workarounds within Shopify but I’d rather work within Klaviyo.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey there @SamLU ,

Gonna jump in on this case as I previously had a similar question regarding segment definitions with item names. 

As I did write a community post with a similar issue, I’d love to hear more on what area you are running into issue. Would you mind providing some screenshots or further detail of the goal you are trying to accomplish?


Thank you!

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Hello @Martin_Dee,

Great question!

At present it would not be possible to create a segment that filters off of just a partial phrase or property. Klaviyo’s segment and filter definitions require exact match phrasing to evaluated. @alex.hong has a great write up and explanation of this in his Community post which I’ve included below:

I think it’s also helpful to further understand different data types and how it effects your segment and flow filters. I recommend taking a look at the About Data Types Help center article Klaviyo offers to learn more. 

In addition, both @Dov and @Hussein Kdouh touched upon this subject in a recent Community post which I’ve included below:

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member!