Segmentation with multiple offers

  • 2 February 2022
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Hey everyone,


I’m very confused what the best approach for my situation is. 


My clients has multiple opti-in offers/lead magnets 
A free course, a cheatsheet, etc. 


Currently, they all get signed up to a Master list. 
Then they are segmented by source. 

Then they get added to a flow corresponding to a source. 

The problem I have is that I don’t want people to be in copies of the same flow if they sign up for multiple lead magnets. How do I avoid that? 




I’m getting a lot of skips in my flows (Person no longer in list/segment) and I can’t quite understand the reason why. 

I think I want to just re-do the whole flow set-up from scratch, but the problem is this:

If I change the current sorting segments, they will kick people out of the current flows. 


If I create new segments and send them to flows, some people will get added to multiple flows because they will belong to the old and the new segment. 


If I disable the old flow, It will stop sending to people already in it. 


How do I approach this? 


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Hi @PaulZenymarketing - welcome to the community and glad to see you here.

If you don’t want people to be in similar Flows, you can use Flow Filters to exclude a user if they are in other Flows.  Or, you can use a Message Filter on a specific message to stop it from being sent if they’ve received a similar one before.  

As for your other observation about people coming in and out of Segments - after reading your explanation, I think one possible cause why people are coming into and out of other Flows due to “Person No Longer in List/Segments” is that I suspect you are Segmenting your Main List by the “Source” and building Segment Triggered Flows to deliver the Lead Magnets (and subsequent emails) to those Segments.  As a subscriber “opts-in” into subsequent Signup Forms (to get an additional lead magnet, etc) - their Source value will change to reflect that - so by definition, they no longer will be in the prior Segment.  If this is the case, then you might consider the following workaround.

One way to address this is to have special custom properties for each Lead Magnet, so in the Klaviyo Signup Forms you can define those as hidden field/value. (example: leadmagnet1 = true, leadmagnet2 = true, etc).  Then you can build Segments grouped by that property so people won’t exit a Segment if they sign up to additional Signup Forms and they can belong to multiple “Segments” simultaneously.  This avoids you from recreating the Segments/Flows and having an Old vs New Flow.  

However, should you need to do create new Flows that triggers on the same Segment, you can use Flow Filters to define distinct groups of profiles who enters the New Flow and keep previous profiles to remain in their existing (legacy) Flow. 

One handy property to build a Flow Filter on is the “Create Profile Date.”  So you can add a Flow Filter for Profiles Created Before a Date for the existing (legacy) Flow recipients, and add a Flow Filter for Profiles Created After the same Date.  If you set your Date sometime in the near future (e.g. next day), then it cleanly separates new profiles getting the New Flow, and any existing profiles to be remained in the previous (legacy) Flow - and you can keep both Flows “Live” until everyone in the old Flow has completed - at which point you turn it off to declutter your list of Live Flows (Don’t delete it though, you may want to have the data/analytics around for future reference).

Hope this helps!