Segments messed up after changing Shopify collection title

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I changed a collection name after setting up my klaviyo segment and lost all my went from 149 down to 6. How do I find and merge all profiles that have purchased this product line? I’ve tried a couple different ways...I’ve tried by collections which is not working because the collection title was changed...and I’ve tried by vendor which I noticed was set up in my Shopify account incorrectly so….how do I get all these profiles in one net to add them to a segment?


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Hello @Charmed Creations LLC,

Adding to @julie.accardo’s great suggestion, I would recommend creating a segment with the following definitions:

Changes made within Shopify or Klaviyo are not retroactive and would only be recognized going forward since the changes were implemented. This would also apply to these purchases. Although you may have updated the collection name, this would not affect the events and data already synced to Klaviyo; in this case the Placed Order events who’ve already tracked and recorded these products under the old collection name. 

With this in mind, by creating a segment which leverages the Placed Order event and utilizing the OR condition, you can capture both customers who have purchased products from this old collection and customers who have purchased products from this re-named collection under one grouping. 


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Hi @Charmed Creations LLC,


I would recommend trying to segment by item name since collection is no longer a valid option for you due to the restructuring of your catalog. This may require a bit more effort if there are a lot of products in that original collection but you would only have to set these conditions once.


Another option to explore is to see if there were any Shopify event tags that were transferred over with the Placed Order events that could be used as a way to identify this group. If there were tags associated with the event you should see “tags” in the “add filter” dropdown. 


I hope this helps!