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  • 21 October 2023
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Hello Community,


I have some problems with the Shopify / Klaviyo newsletter sync and hope you can help me:


  • If I unsubscribe the newsletter and re-subscribe at my Shopify page (not at the Klaviyo pop up banner) the status in Klaviyo is still “unsubscribed” but in Shopify “subscribed”.
  • If I unsubscribe the newsletter and re-subscribe at the re-subscribe page which comes immediately after the e-mail unsubscribe page the status in Shopify and Klaviyo is “unsubscribed”

Thank you in advance!



2 replies

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Welcome to the community @DennisK 

It sounds like you have not enabled the Shopify/Klaviyo sync.

In Klaviyo, go to ‘Integrations’ and then ‘Shopify’. You’ll see the section below. There are two tabs: ‘From Shopify’ and ‘To Shopify’.

In the first, you select the list in Klaviyo where you want to push opt-ins via Shopify. In the latter, what data in Klaviyo you want to push back to Shopify.

Note that the Shopify to Klaviyo only starts syncing from when you enable it; it doesn’t update historical Shopify opts-ins (accepts marketing = true) that have occurred before the sync is enabled.

Hope that helps






Hello Bluesnapper,


thank you for your message.


The Sync is already enabled. These are 2 bugs I`ve noticed so far.


Best regards,