[Shopify] When is a List Created from an Abandoned Cart Email?

  • 8 September 2021
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This might sound dumb, but at what point does Klaviyo collect the email for abandoned cart lists?


*using shopify if that matters




Best answer by Bobi N. 8 September 2021, 09:33

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For klaviyo to collect started checkout metric person has to be subscribed.. so if person is subscribed when they go to their checkout page I think this is when klaviyo pulls this info for the started checkout metric

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Hi @azza,


Welcome to the Community and hope to provide some insight about abandoned cart emails!

As @Bobi N. mentioned, the started checkout metric is how abandoned cart flows are actually triggered. The Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the action, "Checkout Started," not by a list. 

Here is an example of conditions set to create abandoned cart conditions:
For more information on flows, here are some helpful docs!
Getting Started With Flows and getting started with creating an Abandoned Cart Flow and a Browse Abandonment Flow.


Hope this helped! Please let us know if you have further questions as well.