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  • 15 November 2022
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I’m creating the subscribe page to new customers and I want to add a checkbox that allows people to receive, or not, email marketing.

I find a lot of information about SMS Marketing (which is not the case) and when the “problem” is with a Shopify integration, but I’m using Woocommerce.

So, if I create a checkbox with the profile property $consent and add the property email do the option does this work? It people don’t check the box they will have a cross in the $consent?

Thank you.


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4 replies

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Hi @Claudia!


My apologies for the delay in response to this thread - I think I understand the question a little better now.


The important thing to clarify here is that there can be two different statuses at play - Consent Status within Klaviyo, and the various “Accepts Marketing” values that are specific to the external e-commerce stores.


You mentioned the “Accepts Marketing” status from Shopify - this is actually just a native Shopify value that’s only brought into Klaviyo as an extra bit of information, one that you can use to Segment profiles, etc.


The Consent Status within Klaviyo is an entirely different value, and is the actual standard that is referenced when sending campaigns and messages from Klaviyo. This is collected when someone signs up to one of your lists or is uploaded via .CSV. However, if a profile is collected via checkout tracking outside of a signup form for example, the Consent Status will not be marked as true. 


Now to get back to your specific use case - the checkbox on your subscribe page should be used to create a new profile property outside of $consent, named “marketing_consent” or something else you decide. Now, you can use this property to segment customers based on their “marketing” subscription status, as opposed to their actual Klaviyo Consent Status. This would prevent the profiles of the customers who don’t check the box from becoming suppressed, in case you had other important, non-marketing updates that you wanted your customers to hear. 


I hope this clarifies better, and thanks again for using the Community!

- Brian


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Hi @Brian Turcotte !


 I understand much better now, thanks for your response!

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Hi @Claudia and welcome back to the Community!


The $consent property is a List Data Type which means that it can store multiple values. The 5 different values that are supported are "email", “web”, “mobile”, “sms”, and “directmail”.


When someone subscribes to a list via a signup form, the email consent status is marked as true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they consent to all marketing. If you have a checkbox that collects email consent, email consent will be marked as true if they select that option. A profile’s consent status can be found by navigating to the profile in Klaviyo and locate the Channels section on the right-hand panel.


Per your second question, there won’t be a red ‘X’ under their email consent status unless the user is completely unsubscribed or globally suppressed. More on the meaning of different Consent Statuses can be found in this Help Center Article.


I hope this helps and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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Hi @Brian Turcotte ,


 I’m talking about the subscribe page and not a sign up form, but I imagine it’s the same.

 So it doesn’t matter if I put the checkbox or not, the result will be the same.

 Then, how can I do to put the consent for marketing? I need people to, when subscribing, decide if they want to receive promotions and other content or not. The GDPR oblige to that. I understood the Shopify has that option (the “Accepts marketing”, a Shopify-specific property) but what about Woocommerce?