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  • 7 December 2022
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I’m a Klaviyo paid subscriber and have 1 list, the default “Newsletter” list. This is connected to Shopify and auto syncs subscribers who opt-in either via Shopify at checkout or via the Shopify sign-up forms. In addition, I have a Klaviyo sign-up form that also populates the list.

In addition to this we have IRL physical events that people will register for external to Shopify. These event attendees may already exist in our main “Newsletter” list from Shopify, attending a prior IRL event, or otherwise wanting to subscribe.

I want to be able to subscribe the event attendees to the “newsletter” list, however, I want to add a tag that specifies which event(s) or which years they’ve been part of. 

The issue I’m facing is this:

  • User attends NYC2021 IRL event and consents to subscribing to email.
  • User attends NYC2022 IRL event and checks that they consent to subscribing to email once again.
    • We import the attendees to Klaviyo for the NYC2022 event and unfortunately the “Tag” for is now NYC2022, the NYC2021 entry is gone.

I know I could just simply create new lists for each event. However, this could quickly cause my subscriber count to grow artificially. For example, if attends both NYC2021 and NYC2022 they would then be on two lists, if they also purchase something from Shopify and opt-in they’ll be on the newsletter list.

Ideally I’d like everyone to be on one list (“Newsletter”) and then add tags for each event they attend and then I can create segments for these if necessary.

Please advise, thanks!


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Hi @robotbear,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

You can get around this by doing the following: first, including all previous values from past years in your latest import i.e. NYC2021, NYC2022, NYC2023 etc...and 2) organizing these values as list data. Unlike the more commonly used string data type, with list values, you can 1) include multiple values under the same property and 2) segment off of the discrete values. For example, if you wanted to include NYC 2021-2023 as list values, you’d format it like this: [“NYC2021”,”NYC2022”,”NYC2023”] in your .csv file. And when you segment, you’d select the “list” data type and then use “contains” and select the value you’d like from the list i.e. NYC2023. If you’re currently using Shopify tags, and see these values on a Klaviyo profile, those values are also formatted as a list, you can experiment with segmentation with that if you’d like to get a feel for it.

There’s an example of what that looks like in a .csv file in the thread below (check out the screenshot from the best answer in the thread). Also keep in mind you’d have to use the .csv import method rather than the copy/paste method to import the list data type.

I hope that’s helpful.