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  • 29 December 2022
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“if you wanted to track all the users who have subscribed to your master list coming from an external competition landing page, this is simple. You pass the data across to Klaviyo with the required hidden $source field upon form submission (sign-up) and then as the user profile is added to the master list, so to is this database field for the $source (where they came from). From here, you can build dynamic segments, using the condition that filters for that source, and instantly you have a dynamic, real-time update of all of they users who have signed up from your external competition landing page in this example.”

I was reading this, and i’m not sure how it is possible to pass data across klaviyo from an external landing page.  someone can explain me?


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Hi @Massi,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

If you’re using a 3rd party landing page or sign-up form to collect users, there’s no guarantee it will pass a $source value to the profile. You would need to fill the form to see if that property is actually being added to the profile on Klaviyo’s end. If not, you’ll need to work with the 3rd party to code it in as a custom property, or opt for a Klaviyo sign-up form or landing page

I would consider the latter option of using a Klaviyo sign-up form. By default, Klaviyo sign-up forms will pass a $source value to the profile. The $source value will be the same as the name of the form. For example, if the form is called “Newsletter Sign-up”, when a user fills the form, the profile will read “$source Newsletter Sign-up”. You can also embed a subscribe page on your site using a Klaviyo form. By default, users who fill a Klaviyo subscribe page will log the value of “$source Subscribe Page”. Once the $source value is collect on the profile, you can segment users based on $source i.e. “properties about someone $source = X” or use $source as a filter or split in a flow, for example.

If you’d still like to work with a 3rd party form or landing page, you can find a list of 3rd party list-growth tools in our directory.

I hope that’s helpful.


Hi @Dov 

I need to test a sign up form offer but can’t seem to find the $source name for the variations to use in the Welcome Series. 

Where do I find those?