What are your best segments & list strategies?

  • 31 March 2022
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Hi all,

I am curious to know what are your current segments setup and what field of business you are in?

What are some of the must have segments you would recommend everyone to have and why?

Thank you 

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Hi @Rara,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community. 

Every account should have an engaged segment. This is your main group of contacts you should be marketing to that includes your most active subscribers. It is also important to create an unengaged segment to see which profiles need to be excluded from your marketing initiatives, re-engaged, or suppressed during list cleaning

There’s a lively discussion on engaged and unengaged segmentation in the thread below, I recommend reviewing as well:

Additionally, consider using segmentation engagement tiers to identify different levels of interest within your audience, and then market to these segments accordingly. 

These segments are a great start, if you want to take segmentation a step further, check out our article on advanced segmentation where we outline 7 key segments you can use to boost email and SMS performance:

  1. Cross Sell Segment
  2. Location-Based Segment
  3. Item and Brand-Specific Segment
  4. Engagement Tier Segment
  5. Churn Risk Segment
  6. Average Order Value (AOV) Segment
  7. Holiday Shoppers Segment

That article also contains segmentation for forms, analytics and social media. 

I hope that’s helpful. Looking forward to hearing from others about what segmentation has helped them level-up their Klaviyo accounts :)