What email domains does Klaviyo block list?

  • 27 October 2022
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Hi there! It seems that Klaviyo has a default block list to prevent spam traps from being added to a mailing list but I’m having trouble finding a list of what emails we should avoid during testing the Identify API. I’m building an integration between one of our other platforms and Klaviyo, and the payload that other platform sends has a user email along the lines of Tests sent from that platform do not make it into Klaviyo via the Identify API, presumably because the address is clearly “fake”. Is there a list of known email domains or structures that are filtered by Klaviyo? And is there any way to toggle this filter? It would be helpful to accept any email during development, especially if we have less control over what the test email looks like.

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Hi there @melissadc ,

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Most emails that are not valid will be marked as invalid and will not pass through the Identify API. For example, any email ending with @test would not pass. I will see if there is public documentation related to a master list but as far as I know there is not.


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