What is the function of a List? How is it different than a Segment or Tag?

  • 4 January 2022
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 我很困惑 List的功能可以用Segment或Tags代替。 什么场景一定要用list?客户订阅的时候,为什么一定要放到List里面,而不是tag或者直接按Segment分组


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Hi @sheifeiguoke


Thanks for sharing your question with us! I can definitely understand the confusion. 


A List is a static grouping of subscribers that stay in one place unless you suppress them or they unsubscribe. There are many  benefits to having a single main list  that our Help Center explains in detail. However, a Segment is grouping of profiles that dynamically pulls and pushes users in and out depending on  whether or not they meet the criteria or conditions of the segment.. Segmentation is designed to allow you to divide your subscribers into different groups depending on specific properties or actions the subscribers have taken, while a List is a static group that will always hold the same profiles unless they unsubscribe or you pull them out.  


Additionally, a tag allows you to label campaigns, flows, lists, and segments. Tags can be sorted into tag groups; for example, you may tag a campaign with US, while the tag group it falls under is Country. The tagging system helps you organize items across a number of different product areas, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for different teams to operate simultaneously within Klaviyo. However, a tag isn’t a location where a profile is found. It should be noted that in Klaviyo, tags cannot be used to group profiles. To accomplish this, you can add custom properties to profiles and then create a segment to group these profiles.


I recommend checking out other users who have had similar questions to gain further insight into this.


Finally, I’d also suggest checking out our Getting Started with Klaviyo Academy Class to gain more understanding on the different features in Klaviyo. Thanks for your participation in the Community!



此外,標籤允許您標記廣告系列、流程、列表和細分。標籤可以分類為標籤組;例如,您可以使用美國標記廣告系列,而其所屬的標記組是國家/地區。標記系統可幫助您組織跨多個不同產品領域的項目,簡化您的工作流程並使不同團隊更容易在 Klaviyo 內同時操作。但是,標籤不是找到配置文件的位置。需要注意的是,在 Klaviyo 中,標籤不能用於對配置文件進行分組。為此,您可以向配置文件添加自定義屬性,然後創建一個細分來對這些配置文件進行分組。


最後,我還建議查看我們的 Klaviyo 學院入門課程,以更好地了解 Klaviyo 的不同功能。感謝您參與社區! -泰勒