What will trigger a new `updated` value for profiles, lists, and segments?

  • 17 October 2023
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Is there an exhaustive list for things that will trigger a new updated value for profiles, lists, and segments?

For example it seems that subscribing a profile to a list will trigger a new updated value for that profile. On the other hand, manually adding a profile to a list appears to not trigger a new updated value.

Is there any documentation anywhere on what triggers new updated values for these entities?


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3 replies

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Hi @dlongbottom-solvenna!

At this time, there is no way via the API to be notified when a profile has been updated, but I will definitely forward this to our API team and update the thread if anything changes!



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Hi there @Daasity


Happy to help!


Do you mind sharing screenshots of a profile with an updated and non-updated value when being added to a limit manually or upon another type of subscription? 


Happy to help once I have more clarify on exactly what you’re seeing! Thank you!


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Has there been any additional progress on this topic?  I am also trying to understand what causes the Profile Updated value to be set.  I am building a process to sync Profile data to an external database using the Get Profiles API with an Updated greater-than the previous sync datetime.  It returns the set of Profiles I expect but when I look at them, I see events like “Opened Email” with the date of the Updated value but no actual changes to the Profile data itself (e.g. name, address, custom attributes, etc...).  Is there a way to determine if actual Profile data has changed?