Where has the "Starred Lists and Segments" dashboard gone?

  • 25 January 2024
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One of my most visited destinations in the Klaviyo admin was the “Starred Lists & Segments” report, which was accessible from menu item Audience > Lists & Segments.

Now the button is not there and I’m unsure if it is still available (I don’t know the URL, always got there via the button).

I’ve seen there’s a new “Starred” filter on the Lists & Segments page, however this doesn’t give me an overview of what activity has happened over the last week (total, added, dropped, etc.).

I can also see there’s a Dashboards option in menu item Analytics > Dashboards. I wondered if maybe the starred lists & segments were moved there (it wasn’t). I was able to create a dashboard, however there was only a “Starred Segments” pre-made card which gave me the metrics I wanted (with a very restrictive design where I have to scroll to see anything, and it only shows 4 segments per page), and it didn’t include lists.

Is there anyway we can get Starred Lists & Segments report back? We are on Shopify and I was using it to monitor spam customer registrations.


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3 replies

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Hey @mscheurichpatou! The Starred button and section has been replaced. Instead, you can now review those Starred audiences via the dropdown filter. 

















However, in order to see your list or segment's growth/decline, I'd recommend you defer to the List or Segment growth report: 


Let me know if that helps!

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Thanks for your help with this @kaila.lawrence. Is it possible to create a dashboard like the old starred lists & segments? I really liked that I could see all of them on one page with the necessary growth metrics.

Having to look through individual list/segment growth reports is time-consuming.

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You can definitely do this with a custom report for lists, but unfortunately not for segments at this time. In order to see segment growth you'll have to click into each segment to view the growth report. 


I know our Starred Lists & Segment dashboard used to provide this opportunity, but the Product team is working on creating a true Segment growth report to favor depth and flexibility of analysis over that single unified view. I can absolutely pass your feedback along to the Product team, though!