Why are new customers automatically being added to the Potential Purchasers List?

  • 2 January 2021
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Hello, I have set up pop-ups on my Shopify store and have noticed that customers are not going to the list which I have specified - as can be seen the image below - I have set up the pop-up sign ups to go to the “Ordrs” list, however, new sign-ups just go to the Potential Purchasers list. Why is this?



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5 replies

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Hey @Linh,

You can learn more about the Accepts Marketing setting and how to enable and designate a list from the Sync Shopify Email Subscribers to a Klaviyo List Help Center article. The impact of not seeing these subscribers who sign up from a Klaviyo signup form within your Shopify end really depends on your own marketing and business decisions. Often times, it doesn’t cause any issues as Klaviyo will then be used as your CRM to track a number of your customers and subscribers. 

When the accepts marketing setting is enabled, customers who opt in and check the checkbox to receive marketing material from you complete their purchase will be added to the list designated by your Accepts Marketing setting. Keep in mind this will only apply to contacts who complete their purchase. Customers who abandon their cart will not be added to the list as the act of completing the purchase with this checkbox checked off is the act of sharing explicit consent to join the list. 



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Hi David, 

Thank you for your reply. I did search in my newsletter.liquid and see that this the below is in there. However, when I tried using the Shopify newsletter form. my email only shows up in shopify as email subscriber, but when I go into Klaviyo, I am only in the potential buyer list. If it is the Accept Marketing form, how can I turn that on? The only way my email would end up Klaviyo’s newsletter and new subscriber list is when I installed the embedded Klaviyo sign up form. I am okay with using Kalviyo sign up form but my question is since intergration is only one way, I will not be able to see all my customers in Shopify, will that be an issue later on? 


Also, when a customer is checking out and I do have the button checked for them to subscribe, will this register in Klaviyo as a new subscriber and add them to newsletter after they check out to receive my welcome flow etc? 

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Hello @Linh,

That’s correct! Klaviyo had made it available even for free accounts to enable single opt-in in your lists. However, as mentioned in the The Double Opt-In Process Help Center Article, we strongly caution against using single opt-in on any of your lists unless you have a specific use case that calls for it.

In the event you were testing from a Shopify signup form provided by your Shopify theme, chances are that you may not have updated this form’s hidden input group to link this form to Klaviyo and/or you may not have the Accepts Marketing setting enabled. I would recommend taking a look at one of my comments in a similar Community post that goes over this which I’ve included below:

In addition, subscribers who signup through a Klaviyo form would not be considered email subscribers within Shopify. This is because Klaviyo data is synced in a one-way direction and would not be shared backwards to Shopify. @julie.accardo goes over this in the Community post below asking the same question: 

I hope this helps!


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I just signed up for Klaviyo and it looks like I can disable double opt-in on a free plan now. I am using Shopify free theme and integration between Shopify and Klaviyo seems to be fine but I tested my personal email by subscribing to my shopify newsletter and when I look on Klaviyo, it only shows that email subscriber in Potential Buyer list and not in “new subscriber” or “newsletter”. 

Another issue is a new subscriber signed up using the Klaviyo popup and I see them on Klaviyo “news letter” but I do not see them as email subscriber on Shopify. 

Can someone shed some light?

Thank you!  

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@Davidson Hi,

The first step to resolving this issue is to understand the difference between List and Segment. A quick explanation is that Lists are static and can be populated by importing contacts or via a signup form that is connected to that List. A Segment is a dynamic grouping of people that share the same properties pre-defined in the Segment’s definitions. A Segment will scan all the profiles in your Klaviyo account and if they match the Segment’s definitions they will be added to the Segment. Read more about the difference between Lists and Segments here.

Potential Purchasers is a pre-built Segment in Klaviyo. It will capture all profiles matching these definitions:

That being said, let’s jump to more specific details about your situation.

I suspect that your problem might be the Double Opt-in process.

If you haven’t disabled Double Opt-in for your “Ordrs” list, after someone subscribes they will receive a confirmation email where they have to confirm their subscription before they’re placed to your List. A lot of subscribers doesn’t go the extra step to confirm their subscription and that’s why they’re never placed to your list.

You can test to see if this is your case by subscribing to your form (with an email address that’s not currently on the “Ordrs” list), and see if you’ll receive the “Confirmation Email” (check Promotional or even the Spam folder in your Email). If you do receive it, and after confirming you get subscribed to your “Ordrs” list, than you need to disable Double Opt-In for that List if you want to skip the confirmation email and place subscribers directly into the list after they subscribe.

Here are more details about Double Opt-In process:

The Double Opt-in feature in Klaviyo is hidden from the settings by default for free plan. If you are on a paid plan in Klaviyo, you can submit a request to enable this option for your account here: Klaviyo Contact Form.

Ask Klaviyo support team to reveal that option for you, so you can toggle Double Opt-in on and off for each of your lists.

After you get a confirmation that the option is enabled for your account, navigate to the List for which you want to turn off the Double Opt-in. Open the list and click on “Settings”. Uncheck the “Require subscribers to confirm their subscription before being added to your list.” option.


After you uncheck this option, Klaviyo will stop sending the Double Opt-in Emails to the subscribers joining that List.

Here is the documentation from Klaviyo on Double Opt-in: The Double Opt-In Process

Hope this helps!