[WooCommerce] Is there any way to see if a user is a guest or registered?

  • 8 December 2021
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On our WooCommerce website, we have both guests and registered users who place orders.

I’d like to set up a flow to encourage guests to create an account (eg. after their second order).


I can’t seem to find any way to distinguish guest users from registered accounts in the data Klaviyo has on our store. Does anyone have an ideas here?



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Hi @Oliver,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

Klaviyo does not currently receive any information from WooCommerce to distinguish between guests and registered users. One strategy to distinguish between these groups is to add them to discrete Klaviyo lists from WooCommerce, this can be done through a list upload or using our V2 Lists API (specifically the subscribe endpoint:

I also recommend reaching out to WooCommerce to see if you’re able to “bake in” an additional radio button at checkout to gather/tag whether a user is a guest or registered. Currently, we use a checkbox in the plug-in to determine if a user accepts marketing, but there is nothing by default that captures their registration status. If we can gather that information, then we can segment users (based on properties about someone > registration status = X) and/or set up flow filters to exclude or include users based on their status as a guest or registered user to achieve your goal.

I hope that is helpful!