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  • 16 February 2022
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I am using a quiz software as a lead magnet to my master list and it has many branches of answers. The software company (shockingly) doesn’t have UTM parameters as an option (UTM Campaign = Gift Ideas, for example), so I made a segment based on all the options they could choose from Q1.

Definition is “Quiz Takers = people who answered Q1 as A,B,C,D, etc”
They will go through Flow “B”

After Q 1 it starts splitting off and wouldn’t capture all quiz takers.

Now I also want to filter this segment OUT of Flow “A” so they don’t get a couple duplicate welcome messages.

To create a filter I would need to once again say “do not send to anyone who answered Q1 as A,B,C,D, etc.” 

I am missing something. Essentially I’d like to say “make a segment of people who are in Segment Quiz Takers” but obviously I cannot do that. 

Interact integrates with Klaviyo but Klaviyo doesn’t support integration the other way for it to provide me with customer actions.

Ideas? A work around? Thanks!


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Hi @LisaJ


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


In order to help you find the best solution here, I might need some additional clarification. Do you mean to say that you wish to send all your quiz-takers through a specific quiz-taker flow and give them specialized messages according to their answer? However, as they are also added to your Main List, they would also be sent through your ‘Welcome Flow’ attached to your main List and thus would be queued for both flows if your quiz-taker segment also triggers a flow? If you do not want your quiz-takes to receive the normal welcome flow messages, then I would go ahead with your idea to use Flow Filter to exclude certain users based on 'Properties about Someone using AND connectors for each letter, as this filter will prevent your quiz-takers from going through the Welcome Flow. 


Let me know if this was helps or if I’m misunderstanding in any way and I’d love to help further! 


Thank you for your participation in the Community!


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Thanks! You’re close. :) My main issue is I will want to filter “out” this quiz taking audience from different things (different flows) but each time I use “filter” I have to filter 1) people who answered A; 2) people who answered B; 3) people who answered C. and there are like 12 options. 

Since the quiz software doesn’t have a UTM Campaign capability… I did do all this to make a “segment” (to trigger the quiz flow) but I can’t use the “filter” option with a segment (to the best of my knowledge).

Instead for every flow I don’t want them in, it’s a 15 minute step to set up a dozen or more filters.

I can’t figure out a work around… 


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In figured it out. Basically when someone enters the quiz flow due to a quiz result I can Update a Property to Quiz UTM Gift: True


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Hi @LisaJ


Thanks for sharing out your solution here! Yes, this would work! You could either set that up as a flow filter or conditional split condition in the Flows you don’t want your quiz-takers to go through. However, I would use a conditional split to asses this property if there is no delay in the welcome flow, or other flows, you don’t want them to go through vs a flow filter. That is if the quiz-taker is queued to enter the welcome flow and quiz flow at the same time and there is no time delay in the welcome flow, adding a conditional split to the welcome flow would confirm that the quiz flow has had time to update the quiz taker’s profile with the new property in time and will be successfully flushed out of the welcome flow. 


Have a great weekend!