Clubhouse Discussion: Benchmark's Q&A

  • 9 April 2021
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After viewing Klaviyo’s Product Announcement about the latest Benchmarks feature, I was very excited for brands to quickly gather insights at a glance and execute with new, actionable data. 

As with any new product launch, you may have questions around use cases for this feature, or have questions around how Benchmarks fits into the existing Klaviyo data analysis ecosystem.

To answer these questions, and many others, that brands have been curious about, join us during our Klaviyo Benchmarks discussion on Clubhouse. We’ll be joined by Klaviyo Data Scientist, Royce Yap and Product Manager, Mark Piana who helped build the product to provide insight into best practices and the future of eCommerce data analysis. 



If you already have some questions on Benchmarks, add them to the comments below and we’ll make sure to address it live in our Clubhouse discussion. We’ll follow up in this thread with some highlights of the top questions we’ve been asked at the event so we can continue the conversation!

2 replies

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Hi @Travis

Noticed that you also shared this comment in the New Product Benchmarks topic, but I wanted to make sure we close the loop here too, in case anyone has additional questions. Our Product Manager, @markpiana responded:

Great question! Currently, we are not accounting for the number of emails in a flow. Instead, we’re simply averaging the percentages across all of the emails in a flow - an approach that we know has drawbacks. We have the ability to compare specific emails in a flow to each other on the roadmap, but I do not have a specific timeline for when that update will be available. 


Thanks for sharing this question, Travis!

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@Akil I have a question for Royce Yap..

I’m curious if your algorithm averages out the percentages (click, open, conversion, etc.) based on how many emails are in a flow.. 


For example, how do you compare companies who have just 1 email in their welcome flow which brings in 70% open rates and 20% clicks because of a coupon code, against a welcome flow with 6+ emails... where open, click and conversion rates average down when you take in account all of the emails.