Recap discussion: Getting Started with Klaviyo

  • 7 July 2022
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Thanks for joining Getting started with Klaviyo!

Here is your Getting Started Checklist (PDF attached).

Here is a recording for your review: 

Here are our favorite resources to help you get up and running with Klaviyo:

We’d love to know what you’re going to do next. Please drop an update in the comment section below. 

We hope to see you at another training

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4 replies

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If you click on the Watch Replay button in the email, you can jump to the end and then you'll be able to access the Q&A from the session. Hope that helps 😊


Are we able to access the questions and answers that word during the live discussion. I’m new to the community, so I’m not sure how to navigate just yet but I am learning.

Hey guys,


I missed the session yesterday but I did watch the video, thanks for that!

One question: I just realized that practically half of the Profiles (people) who signed up on my website have the mark “never subscribed”.

That must be because of the double opt in feature so they did fill in the sign up form and pushed the button but never opened the email to cinfirm their subscription.


Is there a way to reach out to those people and remind them to finish their sign up process or they’ll miss out the newsletters?

How common is this (in percentage for instance) that people think they finished their sign up by submitting the form and never opening the confirmation email? Is it worth going for a single opt in feature rather than double opt in to avoid this?




Double Opt-In vs Single Opt-in. I understand the benefits involved in DOI but client wants to do SOI. Will SOI sign-ups still be added to the main list - i.e., will we be able to send emails to them?