Recap Discussion: [Strategy Session] Understand Email Deliverability

  • 27 March 2024
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Hi there!

This post contains resources related to our live training [Strategy Session] Understand Email Deliverability, which takes place every month. You can register to attend the next session here.

Download our session handout for a summary of the key takeaways, helpful resources, and next steps. 


During this session, we learn how to assess and improve email deliverability. We aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to take deliverability best practices and apply them to your own email sending strategy. 

Watch the recording of the latest session below: 


Key Learnings:

  • Deliverability refers to your reputation as a sender. The stronger your deliverability, the more chances your email will land in your recipients’ inboxes. 
  • You can assess your deliverability health by monitoring certain metrics:
    • Open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam complaint rate
  • Strategies to improve email deliverability:
    • Build and maintain a high-quality email list
    • Adopt a well-balanced email sending schedule
    • Optimize email content
    • Optimize email sending infrastructure

Klaviyo Help Center articles: 

Klaviyo Academy resources:

Google/Yahoo resources: 

Third-party DMARC tools

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1 reply


Hi Emily, 

Thanks for this re-cap. I missed the live video so have just caught up and have a few questions: 

I have a very small business (350 profiles) and have never really used email marketing. Most of these profiles are from when the business began (as we boomed and then.. pretty much flopped).

I used to send emails via Shopify, but in all honestly I haven’t sent an email since Black Friday 2023 and all of my emails with Shopify ended up in junk. 

I have transfered to Klaviyo to kickstart my email marketing, however I want to be REALLY cautious with my deliverability to build up a good reputation - hence watching this video! 

I was thinking of using data from recently purchased (although I have few orders) to build a segment and then gradually increase this with time.

What would be the best strategy to go about doing this in your opinion? 

I have also set up a branded sending domain - will this be linked in anyway to my Shopify emails? You spoke in this session about it being bad practice to go from sending few emails to 3 emails per week for example. I am worried if I start sending once per week as per my strategy, it will be damaging to my reputation as I previously sent none with Shopify. 

What would be your recommended number of emails to start with?

If you were in my position, what would you do? I have a 2024 goal of having consistent email marketing and we are already half way through May… eek! 

Would you suggest doing a re-engagement campaign in Shopify with a clear CTA to  re-confirm their consent/subscription or would this impact my sending domain since it is now linked to Klaviyo? 

Apologies for the lengthy message - any ideas, plans, help, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated - thank you.