AMA: WooCommerce, updated with video response!

  • 5 August 2022
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AMA:  WooCommerce, updated with video response!
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:Updated 11/1/2022:

Hey Klaviyo Community! You asked and we answered. Here are the questions and answers that you wanted for WooCommerce. Watch the video below. You can find the specific questions and where to find the answer in the video below also. I have also included linked resources discussed in the video for each question. 

  1. There are other Klaviyo integrations that offer more event data, is there a plan to develop the WooCommerce integration with more event data around transactions and order status? 0:24

  2. My company recently switched from another ecommerce platform to WooCommerce. What is the easiest way to update all of my current flows with the correct syntax or do I have to start all over? 1:13


  3. We installed WooCommerce and everything was fine at first , but now it isn’t sending viewed product or add to cart data. How do I fix this or keep this from happening again in the future? 1:50


  4. I'm looking to set up a birthday flow - however I don't think you accept custom fields from woocommerce so how can we work around it? 2:35

    1. Updating profile properties:

    2. Sending custom events: 

  5. For our account we would like to set up transactional emails for order confirmation. We are using WooCommerce. I wonder what has to be done to have this feature enabled? Is it possible to then automatically include certain information such as order summary or order number? 3:30



Want to make sure that your data is flowing properly from your WooCommerce store to your Klaviyo account? Need a little hand holding through the process?


Once you have integrated with WooCommerce we know you might have more questions. The Klaviyo Community in partnership with our WooCommerce product managers want to answer any burning questions you might have. Please fill out this Google form to ask your questions and ask for advice!

Check back in to the Klaviyo Community at the end of October for all the answers to your integration with WooCommerce questions! You can find the recap of the Getting started with WooCommerce live training here.


If you are a Magento2 customer, check out our next AMA: Getting started with Magento2 


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