Gearing up for the Holiday Season - Holiday Content Strategies

  • 3 December 2021
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Gearing up for the Holiday Season - Holiday Content Strategies
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Make the holiday season merry and bright with great email and SMS content! Looking for inspiration? Try out these content strategies to wow customers all month long.


1. Offer tiered incentives

Tiered incentives encourage customers to spend more at a higher discount. For example, a customer may get 10% off if they spend at least $30 at your store, but can claim 20% off if they spend over $50. They’ll be more likely to add to their carts and boost revenue for your business.


2. Push larger, more expensive items early 

The more expensive a gift is, the longer it may take someone to buy. Not to mention, it often takes longer to deliver larger items in time for a specific date. As a best practice, promote these large, expensive items earlier on to drive revenue and remind customers to place their orders before it’s too late. Then, as the holidays draw closer, promote smaller stocking stuffers and gift cards that either don’t need as much planning to purchase or do not require shipment.


3. Promote gift bundles

Similar to tiered incentives, bundled offers spur larger purchases. In this case, instead of drawing customers in with discounts, incentivize them with exciting product packages. This may come in the form of a buy two get one free deal, gift baskets, or limited-time savings when they buy additional items from your store. 


4. Promote shipping deadlines

This year, even more than usual, businesses are experiencing shipping delays leading up to the holidays. Keep customers in-the-know and encourage them to purchase before a set date to ensure that they receive their package in time. You can likewise promote things like same-day delivery or two-day shipping for a higher price point. 


5. Automate the shopping experience 

Flows allow you to automatically target customers at the exact moment a message applies to them. In particular, these three flows help to foster a positive relationship with customers and boost revenue for your brand during this busy season:

  • Post purchase: follow up on a recent purchase with a thank you note, cross-sell advertisement, information about the product, or request for a review.

  • Back in stock: alert those interested in a sold-out item that is back in stock and ready for purchase.

  • Price drop: alert customers that an item they’re interested in has lowered in price.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to holiday marketing strategies. So, here’s a question for you: What amazing holiday content are you planning for this year and what strategies have you found success with in years past? Thread your answer below to spread some cheer and holiday inspiration with fellow Klaviyo users!


For more ideas and step-by-step guidance as you build out holiday marketing content, enroll in our Academy course: Creating a Winter Holiday Strategy or register for our upcoming live training: Build It with Klaviyo: Post-Cyber Weekend and Winter Holiday Segments.

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