Champion of the Month Spotlight: Stefan Milicevic

  • 18 April 2024
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Champion of the Month Spotlight: Stefan Milicevic
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Hi Community! 


It’s time to celebrate the hard work our Champions contribute to this special Community! Our Champions are an integral part of peer-led learning and connection in our space. They are part of an elite group of Klaviyo MVPs who share a constant commitment to helping their peers, sharing their thoughts and strategies in the industry and creating inspirational content to help all of us learn and grow together!


It’s time to celebrate the first Champion of 2024 who went above and beyond solving the MOST questions in the Community in March, a whopping 35 answers! 🎤 *drops mic* 🎤 


And the April Champion Spotlight goes to……: @StefanUE 👏




There is no doubt you have seen Stefan around our space collaborating and sharing his insights all over the place last month. He is the Head of Service Delivery at Underground Ecom. Underground Ecom is an elite Klaviyo partner providing full service email marketing and related subchannel management. Stefan has been working with Klaviyo since January 2018 and finds himself working with most B2C/D2C profiles.


Here are some more fun facts to get to know this Champion a little bit more:

:gem: His most treasured possession is his guitar collection 

:clapper: He’d want 1960-1970's Clint Eastwood to play him in a movie

:island: Rome, Italy is his vacation spot 

⏱ His favorite way to spend his off time is chilling with his wife, working on music with his band, or playing video games.


When we asked @StefanUE what interested him most about being a ‘24 Community Champion, he shared:

Being able to interact with others and solve problems while building my reputation and presence within the Klaviyo community.”


Last month, Stefan’s engagement included:

  • 68 replies
  • 74 likes received
  • 35 answered topics

Here are his most viewed answered Community questions that have served the Community well. I’d suggest checking them out to see what you can learn from Stefan’s expertise as well! 


Since his start in the Champions program at the beginning of last month, he has been on a roll! His overall involvement in the Community has been:

  • 74 replies
  • 83 likes received
  • 36 answered topics


Stefan is specialized in these specific areas so hit him up for strategic thoughts and questions related to the following:

  • Flows/Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Analytics
  • Strategy


Way to go @Stefan_UE! Thank you for all you do for all of us in the Community!


To connect further with Stefan about marketing, Klaviyo or his guitar collection, send him a DM on the Community, check out Underground Ecom’s partner page or his Champion profile page! 


📣 If you’ve learned from Stefan in the Community, please share your stories and congrats below! 🎊


7 replies

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Congrats @StefanUE ! Happy to have you as part of this year’s cohort 🎉

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🎉 YAAASSSSS congrats, Stefan! Thanks for all your help. You rock!  

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Woot Woot! 🤗 Congratulations and thank you for all of your help

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Congrats @StefanUE !  A true expert. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community!

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Let’s go @StefanUE! Off to a smashing start 🎉

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Thanks everyone!

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Congratulations @StefanUE !