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  • 20 April 2022
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Hi Klaviyo Community! 

Just wanted to share a couple tricks I’ve learned to make managing flows easier. 


Don’t leave subscribers behind when sunsetting a flow  

When you are retiring a flow, you don’t want to lose anyone who is already going through the flow (ie. in the queue for any of the emails within the flow). To prevent new subscribers from entering the flow, create a conditional split at the top of the flow with a random sample of 0%. This way, 0% of subscribers will go down the “yes” path (ie. through the flow) and 100% of subscribers will go down the “no” path, which leads nowhere. This way, anyone currently going through the flow will still finish it. Once you have no more subscribers in waiting status for any of the emails in the flow, you can completely retire the flow. 


Don’t delete your flow variants 

When you’ve finished a test in a flow, don’t delete the variants or you’ll lose all that great data! Instead, just turn the variant to draft status - that way you can always go back and look at the test and results


Update/create profile properties with flows

This is such an under-utilized trick! You can tag subscribers with custom profile properties when they take certain actions within a flow. For instance, if you have a sunset flow, at the end of the flow, if a subscriber hasn’t engaged with any emails, you can tag their profile with a custom property of “Suppress = True” and then create a segment of subscribers with that profile property. An easy way to manage your list and keep it clean and healthy.


Match opt-in incentives in your flows

If you want to test 2 different offers for your opt-in (for example, a $ off vs a % off), in the opt-in form, tag each variant of your form with a hidden profile property, something like “discount = 10%” or discount = $10” then in your welcome flow that’s triggered, you can conditionally split the first email using that hidden profile property based on the offer someone saw. This way, you’re offering a consistent experience to all subscribers. 

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Hi @KatherineB


Thanks for sharing out this very insightful tips and advice to your fellow peers! Users like you sharing our their product and industry knowledge is what makes our Community thrive!


For anyone looking to follow up on this advice: here’s some of our helpful documentation on a few of these topics to gain more insight:


Have a great day, you rock!