How to ensure deliverability is working for you, not against you

  • 20 April 2023
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How to ensure deliverability is working for you, not against you
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​Hi Community! 


I’m excited to share an experience with you involving the importance of deliverability and steps you can take to ensure yours is healthy and positively building your brand's reputation. 


Recently, I had a client who encountered serious deliverability & reputation challenges with Gmail. They were implementing poor sender reputation practices like:

  • Untrustworthy sending habits: inconsistent sending frequency, sudden spikes in email volumes, poor segmentation practices, sending heavy image-based emails

  • Poor list acquisition and housekeeping practices

  • Lack of use of monitoring tools to see deliverability and sending reputation. 

Whether you’re guilty of one or all of the issues shared earlier: don’t worry! I’ve created a four-step program to help those, like my client, find success in deliverability!


Phase 1: BUILD a good foundation


It's important to establish a strong foundation for email deliverability for your brand. A good relationship is built on deep trust. Before you can build a strong foundation and plan to achieve this, you first need to audit your account, paying specific attention if any of these areas are opportunities for your brand to improve: 

  • Identification of account data sources i.e. where your subscribers come from and ensuring data sources are properly integrated

  • Past email campaign performance

  • Campaign management process (campaign building, planning content calendar, campaign reviews)

  • Email design configuration 


Phase 2: secure your REACH


Once you know what to improve, you’ll need to focus on securing a positive reputation with inbox providers to ensure maximum reach. To accomplish this, you’ll need to:

  • Identify the most recent engaged audience

  • Understand your best-performing campaign and how you can replicate success

  • Plan a strategic warmup and ramp up plan to start low and slow

  • Create a monitoring system

Monitoring is vital! After implementing a monitoring tool, our client was able to monitor deliverability rates across inbox service providers, spam trap hits (if any), blocklisting, and also perform inbox placement seed tests.


 Phase 3: ENGAGE the right audience


 Next, identify the right customer segments to send to that would not only drive engagement through open and click rates, but also improve website traffic and drive customer lifetime value. Below were the core segments I recommend to everyone. 

  • Core audience

    • Engaged users who have opened or clicked within the last 90 days (Most recommended for ramp-up phase and active emailing)

  • Lesser Engaged:

    • Users who have not engaged in the last 90 (up to 180) days, though they have engaged at least once within email (To be engaged with active email streams under controlled frequency

  • Unengaged:

    • Users who have not engaged within the last 180-365 days or have never engaged within the email channel, post opt-in (Ask them to unsubscribe or update their preferences or include them in the re-engagement program


Phase 4: automate your IMPACT


Last, we focused on one of Klaviyo’s most powerful tools: automation! We strategically designed emails for flows such as the Abandoned Cart, Welcome Series, Out of Stock, and Browse Abandonment. This way, the client’s team could focus on one-off campaign strategies to ensure high engagement and monitor deliverability reports. Once pushed live, the automations would drive engagement and revenue automatically.  




After implementing the 4-phase inboxing growth framework, in 2 months, the brand was able to achieve a high deliverability reputation, proved in Postmaster, and 2x more email traffic to website and open rates & click rates to open rates in emails!


​If you’re facing challenges such as low open rates, emails landing in spam or junk, and more, these four pillars I’ve shared on establishing credible deliverability will impact your brand and provide those positive KPIs we all want to see!



-@inboxingmaestro  (Mohsin Farooqui)


Feel free to reach out to talk all things deliverability and more! 


Learn more from Mohsin and other resources to keep learning:


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