Klaviyo Growth Podcast ft. Daasity

  • 30 March 2021
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We're joined by Dan LeBlanc, founder & CEO of Daasity, and Josh Knopman, Director of Growth for Caraway Home to talk data points that matter as your business grows. Josh provides great perspective from a brand standpoint while Dan touches on how they help brands identify which metrics matter the most. 

The key takeaway of this episode is the 6-pack framework laid out by Dan. This concept originated from the fact that pilots only look at 6 key areas of a cockpit when they're flying, only looking at the hundreds of other gauges/indicators when one of those 6 is off. This same concept can be applied to marketing metrics: If your main 6 metrics are looking good, don't bog yourself down with the scores of other metrics you have at your disposal as a marketer. 

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The Klaviyo Podcast is a way for marketers to learn email marketing, sms marketing, and ecommerce marketing from industry experts and peers. These should provide insights on how to increase your email marketing revenue, increase conversion rates, improve open rates, and generally provide email marketing best practices.

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