Klaviyo Growth Podcast ft. Flowium - Increase Customer LTV

  • 16 February 2021
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Having an email subscriber turn into a customer is a great feeling, a huge win that shouldn't be ignored, but the real money starts getting made when you have a great repeat purchase rate.  The acquisition cost is much lower on repeat customers and goes a long way towards generating brand awareness and brand ambassadors.

Today on the Klaviyo Podcast we're joined by Vira and Alissa of Flowium to talk repeat purchase rate and CLTV. They address some common questions, misconceptions, and provide strategies to improve these metrics.

One of the most interesting points brought up was the concept of having multiple tracks of Customer thank you/Post-purchase flows. Generally we see a single Post-purchase flow for the first time buyers. Alissa and Vira introduce the concept of have a post-purchase flow for 2nd time, 3rd time buyers, etc. This is a great way to show customers that you're paying attention and really appreciate them becoming a repeat purchaser.

What content do you use? You don't need to discount! Use educational content, make them feel part of a community, give them interesting/relevant news. 

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