Klaviyo Growth Podcast ft. Tuft + Paw

  • 4 March 2021
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Jackson Cunningham, CEO and Founder of Tuft + Paw join us to talk the value of keeping your product vertical vs. moving horizontally into other areas, when and how to evaluate an agency partner, and of course, the story behind high end cat products. 

Tuft + Paw focuses specifically on cat furniture but the logic Jackson shares around not just accepting the natural move into dog/other pet products is applicable across all industries. If there is something you do well, and are passionate about, it is fine to continue to produce high quality products in that area. 

When it comes to agency partners, we talk about the doubt that comes into play as a new eCommerce brand. Jackson's strategy was instead of looking around for less expensive options, he decided to go with the best agency he could find, even if more expensive, but for a short period of time. This way he and his team were able to learn what the best was, and replicate off of that. 

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