Looking for resources or articles for multivendor ecommerce platform

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I’ve found all the guides and articles to be very helpful and informative, just trying to see if there are any specific to a multivendor ecommerce platform

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Hi @MarijaMatic

Welcome to our community! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying our resources! Can you elaborate a little more about what you are seeking? That will help us to point you in the best direction. We do have an entire section on our help center about integrations. We also have a reference about integrations for ecommerce businesses.  I look forward to hearing more about your use case! 


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Hi @chloe.strangem thanks for your reply, I’m not so much interested in integrations as I believe we’ve got all of those set up already, I’m more interested in strategies and maybe flow/segmentation/campaign ideas and best practices specifically for a multivendor ecommerce website (to elaborate, we have a website selling handmade items from our country, kinda like etsy, where we have over 600+ sellers) so I wanted to see if there are any guides or anything that takes that into mind, because our item variety is incredibly huge.