New integration to convert Instagram followers into Klaviyo email & SMS subscribers

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Fellow Klaviyo users and enthusiasts,

I wanted to highlight a new list growth strategy that you might have noticed mentioned in one of Klaviyo’s recent newsletters.

I’m the founder of Gatsby - our integration syncs Instagram and TikTok insights to Klaviyo. And now with the added ability for Instagram users to opt into your Klaviyo lists directly from the social network.

This update for List Growth is gaining momentum rapidly as it has quickly proven to be an effective strategy for clients. For instance, in one case study, a brand ran an Instagram giveaway and converted over 1,000 of their IG followers into email subscribers within a week.

What makes this feature so great is its simplicity. Instagram users are not redirected off-platform to fill out a form, nor are they simply added to a list. Instead, they are fully opting in and subscribing to receive your Klaviyo email and SMS marketing without leaving their Instagram DMs.

If you're interested in learning more about how this Klaviyo integration works, feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to chat and share more insights. Cheers!



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