Prepare your flows for BFCM and WIN!

  • 9 October 2023
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Prepare your flows for BFCM and WIN!
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Are you ready to dominate this year's Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) like never before? Join us in this challenge as we gear up for the ultimate holiday marketing event!

📅 Every month leading up to the big BFCM weekend, we've prepared a series of challenges that are designed to help you stay ahead of the game, fine-tune your strategies, and elevate your marketing potential.

🏆 By actively participating in these challenges, you'll not only gain priceless insights and skills, but you'll also earn valuable points that could pave your way to BFCM success! The more you engage, the closer you get to achieving your holiday marketing goals and win some prizes.🏆

🏆Prizes to be won!🏆

At the conclusion of the BFCM challenge, November 24th 2023, we'll reward our top 3 participants with an exclusive opportunity to receive:

  • A personalized one-on-one account audit session with a Klaviyo expert. 
  • Invitation to join one of our highly sought-after community Superuser group virtual meetups.

Join the Klaviyo Community's BFCM Challenge Series now and embark on a journey towards holiday marketing excellence. Let's make this BFCM weekend unforgettable, together! 💪✨


Your next challenge: Prepare your flows

Flows are crucial leading up to, during, and long after BFCM. Learn how to audit key flows to account for BFCM deals and align your overall content strategy. Follow these next steps to complete this month's challenge and earn points towards the BFCM challenge prizes!

Step 1: Audit your flows


Step 2: Determine what needs to be updated


Step 3: Share your updates and plans for your flow 

In the thread below, please share:

  • What updates did you identify that were needed for your flows?
  • What are the top 3 best practices you are implementing this year?
  • What BFCM content have you added to your flows?


Need more concrete steps on how to update your flows?

Checkout the Playbook: Prepare your flows for BFCM! The playbook will walk you through how to add BFCM blocks, new flow paths, or completely new flows altogether. You can also check out the BFCM Hub for more resources and recommendations!


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2 replies

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Revamped some of the checkout abandonment to segment the users more. First time buyers get a % extra incentive to purchase, whereas depending on location and checkout started value they get the free shipping bonus as well. Here’s hoping!


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Love that @michaeljja


Happy to hear you are participating in the challenge and can’t wait to hear how your BFCM goes!