Recap discussion: [Account spotlight] A glimpse into Chike Nutrition’s marketing strategies

  • 25 October 2022
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Let’s keep the conversation going with Shea and Julie from the October 26, 2022, Account Spotlight featuring Chike Nutrition! This is a collaborative space to post any of your additional questions or share your own marketing wins, strategies, or lessons learned with other like-minded business owners and creators. 

During this session, we discussed how the Chike Nutrition marketing team:

  • sent a revenue generating email campaign to raise awareness of their new exclusive VIP Facebook group. 

  • approaches running offers and discounts and which are the most successful for them.

  • ran a 24 hour initiative where they refunded a single same day purchase every hour and how they can improve similar campaigns in the future.

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Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. With repeat customers spending, on average, 31% more than first time customers, it’s no surprise that nurturing existing customers is a worthwhile endeavor. Chike Nutrition has created an exclusive VIP Facebook group where customers and fans can share recipes, tips, BFCM discount preferences, receive exclusive discounts, and more. Chike sent an email campaign that grew this high value Facebook group by 400 members in one day. Although this campaign wasn’t promoting their products, it generated over $3K in revenue. It’s important for brands to test out different nurturing strategies to humanize their brand and create a stronger connection with their customers. 

  2. Test out different offer/promotion types while staying true to your brand. You may be surprised to learn that your customers respond better to certain offers/promotions over others. Chike Nutrition has had tremendous success with BOGO sales themed around national holidays (national caramel day or coffee day, for example) for related products ranging from BOGO 30% off to BOGO 50% off. Their recent BOGO campaign grew their engaged 90 day audience by 12K contacts. Bundling is another great way to boost product exposure without cutting margins with discounting. A/B testing subject lines with percentage off versus dollar value off to learn your customer’s preferences.

  3. The Chike Nutrition team experimented with a 24 hour refund campaign where every hour, the team would refund a single same day purchase. Although this campaign did generate sales and was a really creative way to give back to their customers, performance could have been improved by timing this campaign further away from a successful BOGO campaign a few days prior and excluding recent BOGO purchasers for an improved customer experience.

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How do you plan to implement some of the strategies discussed today? What are some other strategies that you’re having success with?

1 reply


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