Upgrade Personalization with Show/Hide Blocks

  • 5 September 2023
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Upgrade your personalization in Klaviyo Templates:


By now, I think we've all mastered the "Hello {First Name}" personalization feature on Klaviyo. It's always funny when it's sometimes implemented wrong and you literally see the word "First Name" in the email. I think it's time to upgrade personalization beyond just "First Name."


Looking through dozens of Klaviyo accounts by now, one of the most powerful but underutilized feature of Klaviyo is the Show/Hide logic block in templates. The Show/Hide logic let's you show or hide a Block or Section of your template if it matches certain conditional logic.


For example, imagine you're a Pet Toy Store, you may have a generic email like:


"Hello John, thank you for joining tour Pets Toys Newsletter. We Love pets too, so we hope you find something here at our store that suits your pets' needs."


A bit generic right?


Now, imagine you have a custom property that defines what type of pet the subscriber has.


With the Show/Hide block, you can have three different blocks, a more specific one for dog owners, one for cats, and maybe one for both. You can put this on Text Blocks, Image Blocks, and even entire Sections. Now, your one email template can look different and personalized to each subscriber.


Don't be afraid of the "coding" in the Show/Hide logic, a lot of it is explained here:



Or here in Klaviyo's reference:


If you use Show/Hide blocks in your templates, how do you use them?



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