Border radius does not apply in form editor

  • 16 June 2021
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I am creating a subscription form and inside the editor under the “styles” tab,  I choose 10px as the border radius. But that change does not show on the right side (front end).

If I apply border radius to the button, it shows on the other hand.


Thanks for any inputs



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3 replies

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Hey @flo,

For Klaviyo built signup forms, unlike buttons, input fields do not have the capability for you to set a border radius. 

If you wanted more flexibility in the elements of your forms, I would recommend using and building your own custom signup form. You can find resources to help you build your own custom signup form from the articles below that Klaviyo offers:

Have a great day!

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Hi , thanks for the answer. Indeed I had not set a border style! At the same time it was not clear to me that the form style applies to the frame around the form and not the input itself. As for the buttons I am able to apply a radius. Is there a way to set a radius for a normal input field? In case its a CSS change, could you post it - it would help a ton.


Thanks! Flo

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Hello @flo,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

After changing the Border Radius under the Style’s tab can you confirm you’ve both also set a Border Thickness and selected a Border Style? When adding a border to a form, both of these other settings must be set in order to define the border thickness and the style of the border you want.

I would also recommend taking a look at the Overview of the Signup Form Builder article to learn more about the various signup form settings and how to utilize them.

Hope this helps!