Bots are inflating subscribers across Klaviyo accounts

  • 15 February 2024
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I just confirmed with a security consultant that we are indeed being targeting by bots looking to infiltrate our lists, inflate it, and try to phish returns and other scams. Ive confirmed it on two other separate klaviyo accounts as well. 

The biggest alarm is that there is no way to know which accounts are fake, other then going into them - Klaviyo offers no way to stop these bots - and in fact is profiting off us at a inflated rate. 

Is the question is why hasn't Klaviyo done anything to allow us to prevent this, or is klaviyo running bots to inflate subscriber counts and their revenue?

Third party forms/captha is only option? That’s all support has ever told me. 

1 reply

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Hi there @edgecombpotters,


I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been spammed with bots, I agree they absolutely the worst!


I can confirm that Klaviyo is not sending bots to inflate your lists! Klaviyo does provide the Double opt in list setting to prevent exactly this thing from happening, as users would have confirm list subscription a second time, which bots can’t do. Additionally, we suggest frequent list cleaning to ensure that there aren’t unengaged profiles accumulating in your profile count that isn’t providing value to your account.


However, if you are not interested in the double opt in option as you don’t want to impede list growth, then we do encourage pursuing recaptcha or custom coded honey pot options which a lot of our customers found success in utilizing, mentioned in these threads below!


However, I will bring up a native recaptcha feature as a request to our Forms team!