Can I put a Klaviyo form in Squarespace?

  • 25 February 2022
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Hello everyone

I have created an embedded form (signup) in Klaviyo.

I would like that form to appear on a new page I have created in Squarespace.

I have done everything corretly - or so I thought - but I cannot get the form to show-up on the squarespace page.


is it even possible to do in Squarespace?


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3 replies

Has anyone actually been able to make this work? I haven’t, and I can’t seem to find ANYONE on the web who has, or who can explain how this is done with Squarespace, specifically.

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Hey @duesoftware,

It’s certainly possible to embed a Klaviyo built signup form on a SquareSpace built website! 

Since Klaviyo does not have an in-house integration with SquareSpace, it would be considered a custom integration. This means the key here is ensuring that your Klaviyo.js is installed correctly on your website and is present on the page where you’ve installed the Klaviyo built embedded form’s <div> code. 

As detailed in the Other platforms section of the Guide to Where to Paste a Form's Embed Code Help Center article:

For a Klaviyo embedded form to work, two code snippets must be present on your page: Klaviyo’s Javascript, and the form’s embed code. Many of Klaviyo’s default integrations (e.g., Magento, Magento 2) automatically inject Klaviyo’s .js into your site. Check your platform’s integration settings to ensure this option is selected. 

If your platform doesn’t have a native Klaviyo integration, add our .js manually by following these instructions

Once Klaviyo’s .js is installed, you can paste the form’s embed code into your site’s HTML/source code wherever you’d like it to appear. If you aren’t comfortable editing code on your site and would prefer to have an expert do it for you, contact a Klaviyo Partner


One additional thing to keep in mind is that SquareSpace’s code blocks will only support javascript if you were on a premium plan. This means, that if you were on SquareSpace’s basic plan, you’ll want to upgrade your plan in order to have access to the advanced features of the Code block. This is mentioned in their Adding custom code to your site Help Center article. 

Adding onto @Global_sale1’s point, after building out your embedded form and installing the form on your website, you’ll want to ensure the form is also published in Klaviyo to allow it to appear on your site! 


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Did you get It save after you go the sign up form design 

If you don't mind ask for your website URL to see what you're talking about