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  • 21 February 2024
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Hi there.  We are a small skincare brand and are looking to increase our conversion by driving our Klaviyo emails to a sample experience.

  1. Email flow prompts a consumer to get free samples of our product to try.  Trying is believing.
  2. Link from email leads to a form to collect address and verify email addy.
  3. Address leads are actioned by sending out a sampler pack of our products via snail mail.

Does Klaviyo provide anything like this?  It would be great if I didn’t have to pay some 3rd party to do the form collection as the monthly charges on that are kinda cray.  I anticipate collecting 200-500 addresses per month to start.  Thanks!


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I belive you could accomplish this with Klaviyo’s sign up forms. Here is a link to the overview of all the form topics (there are a lot!) Forms 

I think you would probably benefit from embedding a form on your site. Once the sign up form is live, when people sign up, their information is captured in Klaivyo. Since you are sending the link to sign up via email, you would not have to make the page “visible” on your site to each person who visits.

I would suggest making a separate list for this, since you will need to send product.  

Hope this helps!

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One thing I forgot to mention - when you say verify email address, do you mean the address is verified as legit, or just that you are making sure it is already on your list? If the former, I’m not sure if that is possible, but if it just a double-check, then it should be fine.