Editing the modal styling for the back in stock form

  • 19 January 2023
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Can someone help me how i can make edits with CSS in the modal for notify me when available pop up?

I’m able to make the change in the source code but can’t replicated it in Shopify theme.css file 

I’ve screenshot the change i would like to make which is increasing the font size and a black border in the email form. I’ve read the styling guide but i want to change font-size and add a border. Link here -

No edits in the source code
Edits in the source code to what i want



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Hello @RedSolider,

Great question! 

If you were looking to make changes outside of the properties available as part of the standard back in stock modal code (I.E button_label,  button_text_colorerror_text_color, etc), you’ll actually want to use a custom back in stock solution. This would allow you full control over the styles and functionality of the modal. 

I would suggest checking out our Enable back in stock for custom catalog feeds and Set up back in stock via API developer guides on how to build your own custom back in stock solution that can be tied back to Klaviyo. If you need hand-on assistance from a developer, we have a number of wonderful Klaviyo Partners who specialize in development work which you can find from our Klaviyo Partners Directory

I hope this helps!