Error with popup and signup sheets?

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I’ve attached some images, it seems like my popups are sending the subscribers to the right list but
only ½ of them actually manage to get to the list place?

My settings make me think that they click the popup, get an email, double opt in and are then added to the list. 

Not sure what i’ve done wrong...



Best answer by julie.accardo 3 July 2021, 14:09

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Hi Julie,

Thanks so much! I’ll do that, I suspect that they might have to send their email twice so the test will be great.


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Hi @Michael,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community Forum! 


You are correct - once someone signs up through the signup form, they will need to confirm their email address with the double opt-in message before the user is routed to the main mailing list. 

If a subscriber skips the step of accepting the double opt-in message, then they will not be added to the main mailing list. This could account for some of the subscribers that have submitted the form but not confirmed their email address with the double opt-in message. 

I would recommend trying to sign in through the forms yourself using a new test email address to see if you are able to trigger the whole process. If you have already subscribed to the list, you will not trigger the double opt-in message. A way to use the same email address but have it masked as a new one is by subscribing using your email address but adding a “+entertext” - example: “” In order to get the signup form to appear if you’ve already subscribed or closed out the form would be to open an incognito browser. 


I hope this helps!