Help! I can't get my embedded sign up form to work!

  • 27 April 2022
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Help! I can't get my embedded sign up form to work on my Shopify, which is apparently integrated. Do I need to copy & paste the code somewhere?


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Hi there @TracyEssentiallyLoved


I’m so sorry you’ve had such a frustrating time, I am so happy to help! 


Your embed form’s ID can be found in the ‘Targeting and Behavior’ section of your embed form in the form builder. 


Do you mind sending a screenshot of what you’re not seeing on that section of the form builder so I can help further? 


Additionally, if you have more questions, please create a new thread for your question so a member of our Community team or other peers in the Community can help you take the next step! 


Hope this helps!


That was a wonderful and thorough explanation, however, I am still having issues. Day TWO of trying to figure this out. SUPER frustrated to say the least. 😭

When I originally published I didn’t get a code to embed. 
I’m trying to do a “landing page” style form.
I need an “Embedded form ID” and can’t find it. 
I don’t have an “embed code” option under Tracking as you mentioned above. 

Sooooo many things…

I would LOVE some help. A call would be AMAZING to help me work through this.

Thank you,

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Thank you so much for this thorough explanation! I got it working and I'm very happy!


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Hi @MartaM, welcome to the community!  

Yes, in order to get your embedded Klaviyo Signup Form to show in Shopify (and assuming you have installed the Klaviyo Shopify App or have Klaviyo properly integrated), you need to copy and paste the embed code Snippet into your Shopify Page (or in your Theme file).  

In your Klaviyo Signup Form, you can grab the embedded code Snippet when you click Publish, or you can get it from the “Targeting & Behavior” settings.

Grab the code Snippet when you Publish
Grab the code Snippet from the Targeting & Behavior Settings

Then, go to your Shopify Page and paste the code wherever you want the Signup Form to appear.  Note, you should do this in the “HTML” mode of the input box.

Paste the code Snippet in your Shopify Pages as HTML

if you want it to live somewhere outside of where the Page renders the Content and you’re proficient with editing your Theme template, you can paste the code Snippet in your template code.  This obviously varies quite a bit depending on your Theme template code, but the process works the same.  Klaviyo has a good article with some examples of this here:

Make sure to Publish your Klaviyo Signup Form first and double check your Targeting settings to make sure the Signup Form is visible!

If you are having more issue on getting your Signup Form to show up, let us know here or take a look at this Klaviyo article on troubleshooting your Signup Form:

Hope this helps!