Hide Flyout Signup Form based on City and/or State (e.g. Miami, FL)

  • 21 June 2021
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I’m looking for a way to not display a flyout signup form to new visitors in a specific geographic area. We have one main competitor, and I want to make sure he doesn’t see our signup form that runs a promotion. Otherwise, he will just copy our strategy.

My first thought is to just exclude the signup form from showing based on visitors from his general area (we are nationwide).

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello @aljim,

Great question!

At this time, Klaviyo’s signup form behaviors can only be set to either target or not target users by location based on the country they are in and would not get as granular are city and state. 

One work around to this would be to create a segment within your account with the definitions of “Properties about someone, Location (City, State, Country, etc) equals X” capturing the location you did not want to target.

You can then use the use the Target visitors in a list or segment signup form behavior setting and designate this newly created segment as the group you do not want the form to be targeting. This in turn would exclude the form from appear to contacts who are identified by this segment as being in a specific location. 

Keep in mind though that this would only work for contacts whose location has already been identified by Klaviyo. For contacts who have not yet been identified by Klaviyo through cookies, using a private or incognito browser, using a VPN, etc, this strategy would not work and the form would still appear for these contacts despite being in that designated location. 

You can learn more about how Klaviyo is able to identify a contacts location and how Klaviyo identifies users from the following resources:

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