How can I track customers after they submit a Klaviyo embedded klaviyo form?

  • 6 October 2021
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I have a klaviyo form embedded in my square ecommerce site however once the customer fills out the form I can’t track it.  How do i accomplish? 

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Hi @scoperta


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Using a Klaviyo Embedded Form is a great way to gather your subscribers’ information as this form is a permanent piece of your website that does not disappear or wait to be displayed. In order to properly track subscribers who fill out this form, the profiles should appear in your Klaviyo account under the ‘Profiles’ tab and in the specific List you attached to the Klaviyo form. If you do not see these profiles populating and can’t track them, the issue could potentially lie within an integration issue or the fact that the List connected to the embedded form is set to Double Opt-In.


First, do you mean to say that you have have a Square space ecommerce site? It would be helpful to clarify as different integrations sync differently with Klaviyo and some require custom integration if they are not pre-built by us. As squarespace is not an in-house integration we support, you will need to integrate the two by adding a Custom eCommerce Integration with Klaviyo that is possible via our API. To do so will require the help of a developer as custom coding can be tricky and needs to be precise. However, if you can confirm that you have already done this and have witnessed your integration syncing correctly, meaning data is being received from your site to Klaviyo. Then the issue could lie in your List settings. 


Second, can you confirm whether or not the List you chose to sync to your embedded form to is set to Double Opt-In? If you navigate to the connected List and hit the tab ‘Settings’ and you should see this image at the bottom of your screen. If your List is set to ‘Double Opt-in’ that means that subscribers will be set an additional message to confirm their subscription before they are added to the correct List and you can visibly track them. They must say ‘yes’ again by confirming they want to accept marketing from your brand when they respond to the second email. However, the profiles that fill out the form should still be in your Klaviyo account in the ‘Profiles’ tab even if they never confirm their subscription, if your integration is working correctly. If this is what you see then an integration issue can be confirmed. 


I would recommend taking a look at these other Community Posts to gain additional insight into what might be happening in your account.


Looking forward to hearing what the issue might be after you investigate this further! Thanks for being a part of the Community!