How do I remove this image from my website offering a discount code? It's very intrusive.

  • 25 April 2023
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Hello, everyone.

I’m having trouble locating the exact source that’s creating this image on my website. I know it’s definitely from Klaviyo and they’re using Cloudfront to host the image, but not how to remove/alter it.

As it stands, it’s getting in the way of everything else on the page, plus it doesn’t go away once clicked on it, it simply goes back to where it was…

Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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2 replies

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Hi @retention ! Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I needed. Problem sorted :)

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Hi @Eleanor Shadow, welcome to the community!

If your’re using Klaviyo Signup Forms, that *could* be the Teaser element of the Signup Form. Simply go to your Klaviyo Signup Form, and remove it in the Signup Form editor.

It looks like this:

However, if you’re using other tools and apps, you may want to check those as well. That does look sort of like some kind of Loyalty or Gifting default widget.

Hope this helps!