How to add 2 first names in email template?

  • 19 February 2024
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Hi there,

Imagine customer sign up to your email list. You ask for their first name (Emily) on one line, their significant other on another line. When you send welcome email to the customer, is it possible to have it written as

“Hi, Emily and Brian welcome to our community!” 


Thank you!


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3 replies


Thank you ladies!

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Definitely! In your sign-up form, you’ll capture a custom property called something like ‘Spouse Name’. Then, like you insert the First Name field into text, you’ll see that new Spouse Name custom property appear in the drop-down to insert into that line of text as well.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @sammiemochi,

Yes, this is possible! Check out this article: How to add personalization to your messages

If you still have questions after reading the article, feel free to reply here and I’ll try to help.

Best of luck!