how to add a free printable and sync email

  • 10 November 2021
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Im having issues with adding a free printable. I designed a pop up and an email for the free printable but how do I sync the email with the pop up, so that when they sign up, the email template with the google link is sent automatically to them. I had to put the link in the subscription confirmation box (pic below) for now but prefer not to.



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Hi there @shawndea2005,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting your question here! 

If you are looking to trigger an email that sends after someone successfully subscribes, I recommend utilizing a welcome series flow. A welcome series is a sequence of emails sent directly after someone signs up to hear from your brand. This is a critical moment in the customer lifecycle because it's your opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to your business and product offering. With a welcome series, you should strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on this display of interest.

More info can be found on the bottom thread and here:


A welcome series email would allow you to trigger a Flow when a customer is added to a list of new subscribers. From there, you can create an email template that has your free printable! Please note that at this time, Klaviyo does not support attachments directly within emails - instead, they will need to be hosted and you will need to provide your customers with a link in the email to access this hosting location. You can find step-by-step directions in our Guide to Adding an Attachment to an Email located here

We suggest adding this link either via a text hyperlink, button Link URL or image Link URL in your template. If you can control to allow the item to be directly downloaded when the link is clicked, you may want to do this to simplify your customer's process for accessing the file. 


Hope this clarified!

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Thank you, I will give this a try.