How to Trigger a Thank You Popup After a Review is Submitted?

  • 22 June 2022
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I’m trying to set up a popup -- via signup forms -- to say thanks after a customer leaves a review. I’d prefer to do a popup than an email for lots of reasons. 

[For background, we’re using the app for Shopify. It’s a great app that’s working really well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a thank you option.]

Thanks to the integration of Klaviyo and, Klaviyo recognizes a SubmittedReview trigger (at least when I create a trigger in flows).

In signup forms, I created my form (i.e. thank you message). Then went to targeting & behavior > clicked “only show on custom trigger.” These may be ignorant questions (I’m new to this): 

  1. Is this the right code for the custom trigger: 

    window._klOnsite = window._klOnsite || [];


  2. In Klaviyo, it won’t let me edit the standard custom trigger [window._klOnsite = window._klOnsite || []; window._klOnsite.push(['openForm', 'UFapYH']);]. Is that normal? 

  3. I read this support doc for custom triggers, but I’m still confused. I’m ASSuming I add the code to somewhere. Does that sound right? 

Thank you so much to anyone who can point me in the right direction! 



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2 replies

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Wow, @Taylor Tarpley! Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate your time and expertise, and now I’m off to work through each of your suggestions 😊

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Hi there @GomezB


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us, no ignorant questions here, we’re all learning! 


I love the idea of trying to connect a thank you popup after a customer leaves a review. However, you’re right, while the integration creates a ‘Submitted Review’ metric, that easily can trigger a flow, it will require a lot more technical coding if you want to  say thank you in a popup vs a flow email.


Once a customer leaves a review on your website, you could create a custom connection that will link the custom triggered form you want to create with to the review form's submission action. You would need to copy the form’s custom trigger code that is already in the form builder and only add the form’s ID to the code where it says ‘form ID’. This code will be necessary to when creating this custom connection. However, as this will require custom coding, neither Support nor the Community can help create this for you. I would suggest reaching out to someone on your dev team or an awesome Klaviyo partner to create this custom connection for you. Another Community member had a question about custom triggers that might help you gain more insight here. 


On the other hand, if you do not want to pursue the custom coding route, you could trigger the popup via the ‘URL’ behavior tab. You would choose ‘contains’ section under the URL tab vs the ‘Exactly Matching’ and copy a part of the URL that displays after someone completes the action of leaving a review. This would be a less technical route to take to accomplish your end goal. Similar to another Community user’s solution below:


Finally, if you’re new to Klaviyo and want to continue to learn and build a solid foundation, I’d check out these following Academy courses: 


Thanks for participating in the Community!