Is there a function to prevent customers from abusing the sign up forms?

  • 30 July 2021
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Sorry if this has been asked before but I did a quick search and did not find a similar thread. We are thinking of incentivizing customers (e.g. 20% off first orders) when it comes to new sign ups. I was just wondering if Klaviyo has a feature/smart system in place to prevent customers from abusing the system? One example would be creating new accounts to make use of the promotion. We are on shopify if this helps!

I was just curious since this is a similar problem that most ecommerces face these days. 

Looking forward to your inputs! Thank you so much in advance :)


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Thanks for sharing, David!

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Hello @j.jpg,

Great question!

There are several feature which would prevent customers from abusing the system in an attempt to regain coupons. The most common one would be the use of double opt-in within your lists. Enabling double opt-in for your lists will help minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails. This would require customers to confirm their subscription prior to being added to the list and thus adding this extra step will curb abusers. 

Since it sounds like you are incentivizing your customers by offer a coupon code housed in a welcome series flow, because a welcome series flow is list triggered, customers would only be eligible for the flow one time. This means that the customer can signup to the form in an attempt to receive another discount code as many times as they want, but Klaviyo will recognize if they have already used the same email address and have gone through the flow previously to receive the discount code. 

Another feature you can enable would be the Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles form behavioral setting. Using this setting will prevent the signup form from appearing to your site visitors if they are already recognized as existing members of your Klaviyo account. 

Keep in mind though, that even with these settings all enabled, this would not prevent a customer from signing up to your form with a new email address to receive the discount. If a customer decides to use a new email address, Klaviyo will recognize this new email address as a new subscriber. There wouldn’t be a way to recognize that this subscriber already technically previously subscribed with a different email address.

For this reason, I would also suggest offering a coupon that is later on in the flow experience rather than at the onset of the flow. When using a coupon to incentive subscribers, although this will help generate a number of subscribers, you may not be attracting the most engaged subscribers. These type of subscribers typically end up being unengaged in the long run which would require frequent list cleaning to maintain a healthy list. Instead, providing a surprise discount later on in the customer’s flow journey tends to garner better results as you are both collecting subscribers who are engaged with your brand as well as enticing those customers who are partway through their flow experience as a reminder of your brand to purchase!

A helpful resource I would suggest taking a look at is the 5 Tips to Create a Discount Strategy That Doesn’t Cut into Your Profit Margins blog article which suggests several discount strategies.

I hope this helps!